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Colonial Truck and Trailer Service have a proven track record of being trustworthy within the trucking industry. Dating back to 1987 with its early roots in trucking, the family company really took off in 1992 with a major contract for a national beverage company. With the addition of this contract, the business swelled to include a fleet of 19 trucks. Truck and trailer repair and maintenance quickly became a huge part of the business.

“Fast” forward to 2008 – Colonial Truck and Trailer Service are born. Just two years later Colonial Truck and Trailer Service moved to its current location. In 2017 the decision was made to phase out the trucking division to concentrate full-time on the truck, trailer, and RV repair as well as road service. Colonial Truck and Trailer Service changed ownership in 2022, from one local family to another. However, the quality of workmanship and high level of customer service will continue.

The Colonial Truck and Trailer Service’s goal is to supply the best quality service that can be provided for the repair with the utmost dedication and professionalism. Whether it’s a repair to a fleet vehicle or emergency roadside assistance, Colonial Truck and Trailer Service has you covered. Every effort is made to provide service in a timely and costly efficient manner to all customers, local or traveling through the area who need help. Colonial Truck and Trailer Service are fully equipped to handle all RV, truck, or trailer repairs and maintenance.